Clinic Policies

  • We charge $55 to cancel appointments with less than 24 hours notice and missed visits.
  • Because we work with seniors and immune-compromised patients, Masks are required before entry to the office.
  • Wait outside in your car or in the lobby. Do not knock on the door. We will let you in at your scheduled appointment time.  
  • Accompanying visitors will not be allowed, except if they are a caregiver or medical decision-makers for the patient.  
  • Turn off all electronic devices before entering the clinic and speak softly when in the office not to disturb others.
  • Please be scent-free since we treat people with allergies and asthma. For example, No perfume, cologne, lotions, wet nail polish, etc., and do not smoke for at least 3 hours before your appointment.​ 

Planning for Your Visit 

  • Make sure you have eaten something before your appointment. 
  • Plan to wear comfortable clothing that can be easily and comfortably pushed up to your elbows & knees.
  • It is a good idea to allow at least 1 hour for your clinic visit.