TCM Fruits and Vegetables Energetics for October

Note: This article is for informational use only and should not be a replacement for qualified medical advice.

Information Sourced from:
Kastner, J. (2009). Chinese nutrition therapy: Dietetics in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) (2nd ed.). Stuttgart: Thieme.

Leggett, D. (1997). Helping ourselves a guide to traditional Chinese medicine. (3rd ed.). Totnes, England: Meridian Press.

Tonify Qi
Carrots (Regulate Qi, clears damp heat)
Green beans (Tonify Blood)
Pumpkin (Circulates Blood, dispel cold, drains damp, resolves phlegm)
Fig (Tonify Blood, clear heat)
Grape (Tonify Blood, drain damp)

Tonify Yang
Garlic (Drain damp, resolves phlegm, regulates Qi, dispels wind-cold)

Tonify Blood
Artichoke (Nourish Yin, regulates Qi, drains damp, clears damp heat)
Beet (Regulates Qi)
Chard (Clears heat)
Spinach (Nourish Yin, clear heat)

Regulate Qi
Broccoli (Clears damp heat)
Cabbage (Clears heat)
Radish (Drains damp, resolves phlegm, clears heat)

Clears heat
Celery (Regulates Qi)
Endive (Clears damp heat)
Kiwi (Astringes Yin)
Lettuce (Clears heat, drains damp, regulates Qi)
Zucchini (Tonify Qi)

Circulates Blood
Bell pepper (Dispels cold)
Eggplant (Clears heat)
Leek (Regulates Qi, dispels cold)
Lemon (Regulates Qi, clears heat, resolves phlegm)
Onion (Dispels cold, drains damp, resolves phlegm, regulates Qi)
Turnip (Regulates Qi, resolves phlegm, drain damp, clear heat)

Nourish Yin
Apple (Tonify Qi, clear heat)
Avocado (Tonify Blood)
Banana (Clears heat)
Mango (Clears heat, regulates Qi, drains damp)
Orange (Regulates Qi)
Pear (Clears heat, resolves phlegm)
Peas (Drain damp)
Persimmon (Clears heat, resolves phlegm)
Pomegranate (Clears heat)
Tomato (Clears heat)